Chairman's Message






                Jayachandra Raju




Dear Parents & Students,

 GIMDS is promoted by Global Education Trust with an objective to provide holistic education to students, identify every student’s potential and develop the inherent strengths, correct the weaknesses and encourage creativity and innovation. Every effort shall be made to ingrain the required knowledge and skills to its students and enable them to be globally competitive. It is our dedicated endeavor to ensure that the students of GIMDS are groomed, trained and nurtured to meet the needs of the society in terms of professionalism, ethics, values, environment protection, resource conservation and communication skills to confidently face the intense competition that they would be exposed to, as they strive to stand on their own legs. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary that the teachers, the students and the parents work together in harmony. Exchange of thoughts, experiences, strengths and weaknesses is essential. Let us join together to develop our youth in enabling positive growth of our society and support Mother Earth to sustain our future generations.